Q: Is the use of liquid gas in cars legal?

A: From 2015, after an announcement of the Ministry of Communications and Works has decided that the law of the use of liquid gas in cars will be passed by voting from the Parliament. The law was voted off positively and from now on the use of liquid gas in cars is legal by the law.


Q: How am I going to choose the best mechanic and the best gas station to apply the system in my car?

A: The best condition is to choose a mechanic and a gas station that own a permission on installing gas liquid systems on cars, with the equal permission on practicing their profession.


Q: I have a latest technology car, with full injection. Can I convert it?

A: In that case, the latest technology system of the injection of liquid gas is used. The system works in the liquid gas with injection, just as the petrol, and is observed electronically.


Q: Can all the kinds of gas trasmission-in-engine cars (direct injection, rormal injection, carburator) be converted into liquid gas cars?

A: Yes, all of those kinds can be converted.


Q: From the moment that I install liquid gas system in my car, can I still use petrol?

A: The liquid gas does not affect anything in petrol functions. The car continues to work as it was working before. The difference is only that it works with liquid gas as well.


Q: To install a liquid gas system, must some of the equipment of the car be removed?

A: Nothing is removed at all. On the other hand, more equipment is added, according to the needs of the system and the car, which gives it the possibility to work with liquid gas as well.


Q: Will I be able to choose on which fuel (petrol or gas) I want to ride my car with? And if yes, how can this be?

A: The change of fuels is easily made, with a switch, and at every moment we want. Since the car is on road, with a simple switch you can change fuel.


Q: How would I know if the liquid gas runs out so that I must fill the tank?

A: There is a clue of the level of the liquid gas on the fuel selector switch, which is being controlled with a Led sign. There is also a level sign on the tank of liquid gas.


Q: How much is the level of the tank and how much is the autonomy that I will have?

A: The level is according to the size of the tank that will be placed in the car. From 45 to 90 litres. The autonomy of the liquid gas is the same as petrol, by litre.


Q: When the liquid gas is burned, will it smell?

A: The function of the liquid gas is a closed circuit, which does not allow any liquid gas to leak. The smells of the burn exist only when the car is not well maintained. In that case, any fuel burning will have a scent.


Q: Are there any stations of liquid gas around Cyprus?

A: There are many liquid gas stations around Cyprus.


Q: What are the advantages of using liquid gas?

A: The advantages are many. Fuel saving, long preserving of the engine and the catalyst, and zero pollutants.


Q: How much will it cost installing it into my car?

A: In depends on the technology of the car.


Q: If I sell my car, can I transfer the gas liquid system in my new car?

A: The same system is transferred only in the same category of car.


Q: Is driving in a liquid gas converted car safer?

A: Yes, the car continues to be safe as before the conversion. Our systems include accessories that are approved and cover the strictest safety standards. They are tested with the hardest and the most demanding circumnstances.


Q: Does the cars with liquid gas use as fuel, pay lesser road taxes?

A: Although the liquid gas pollutes lesser than other fuel cars, there is not a law that says no fundings or minimum fundings for cars with liquid gas.


Q: Must the car have liquid gas specifications to use liquid gas on it?

A: Any engine can use liquid gas with a simple conversion process.


Q: How much does the liquid gas fuel cost today?

A: From 0.75 to 0.85 euro


Q: What if the car runs out of liquid gas away from a liquid gas fuelling station?

A: The system automatically turns into use of petrol fuel.


Q: Is the car going to explode if the car stays for many hours in the sun?

A: This is a completely inadequate myth. Just to let you know, there is always a 20% empty in the tank, so that when the pressure of the tank is up, the car can be saved.


Q: Are there factories that desing cars with liquid gas systems!

A: Of course. But we have to search to find them out, mainly in the USA.