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Our group of companies offers you the best systems at the most competitive prices in ther LPG conversion market in Cyprus. We offer a wide range of gas convertion products like front kits, ECU units, LPG reducers, LPG filters, LPG tanks and generally we offer the full range of products that an LPG installer needs to his garage.

In our products catalogue you can find ecerything needed to sattisfy even the most demanding customer and we can cover the whole range of modern LPG conversion systems for any kind of engine. We can cover old carburator engines, modern electronic fuel injection multipoint engines, direct injection engines, diesel engines, even marine two stroke and four stroke engines.

Our business relationship with our customers, does not end at the time of the purchase, but only starts at that time even if the customer is just the end user or an installer or a wholesale customer. Our products purchase moment, is the moment where a new collaboration between our customers and our customers support department begins. Our Support department will alaways be next to you to assist you with any difficulty you may have even if it has nothing to do with our systems. Our sales and support partners throughout Cyprus will assist you in Limassol, Pafos, Nicosia, Famagusta, Larnaka and Kerinia.

There are many reasons why you should choose GasItaly Cyprus as your exclussive LPG conversion system supplier:

  1. Our systems are the highest quality products you can get in the market with the highest quality standards in the industry with all the needed certificates in order to be able to conduct a succesfull installation and register it without any problems.
  2. We offer the best quality service before and after any sale. We always advice installers what to install in order to avoid problems and if a there is even a small chance a problem to occur because of wrong parts choosing we will immediately stop the sale and consult you for the best combination and autogas experience.
  3. GasItaly systems are 100% Italian products designed for high performance and precision. The technological advantage of our systems can easily give even better performance of your car without any loss of power or danger and even increase the horsepower of your car.
  4. Safety of our customers is the only thing we cannot risk and we prefer to loose a sale instead of providing a system that will not be safe enough in order for the customer to get a cheaper price. Whatever you pay this is what you get and this is actually happening in the gas conversion business. Premium safety is the goal of the company for every single car that is converted with GasItaly systems.
  5. We offer a 3 years full warranty on our system and this leads to a peace of mind since the highest quality of products with the three years warranty combination gives you the best insurance for a trouble free system.  
  6. We are responsible, reliable and we always do honest business. We are upstanding in both our words and actions. We can look you directly in the eyes because we know that what we promise you and what we stand for is true and feasible.
  7. We have the knowledge and the qualifications for the highest quality of gas conversiontion on your vechicle and also the after sales knowledge on how to support your LPG automotive conversion business. We have been practicing this knowledge for years to multiple car conversions, in many different kinds of cars. We are precise at what do, so that everyone is pleased with our work and service quality.
  8. We are always standing by your side. We have a very decent supporting and servicing network. Our associates all over Cyprus receive immediate and real 100% replacement waranty in order to assist you the same time if something fails which is very unusual with our high quality cconversion kits. All of our equipment is covered with 2 years warrantyon every single item except the consumables.We do not compete with our installers since we do not make LPG installations on our own, but we give to our installers our customers in order to assist them.

Feel free to contact us and become an official GasItaly installer now.