office1GASITALY Srl is an Italian-based leading company in the world's LPG and CNG autogas conversion markets. Due its dynamic forward-thinking and customer-oriented approach, GASITALY Srl has thrived in recent years, enjoying a consistent and sustainable span of growth, documented by its presence in already more than 30 countries around the world.

And it all starts at the headquarters in Brescia (BS), Italy, from where GASITALY Srl has managed to forge a  very close relationship with its suppliers, suppliers with renowned experience in the autogas  conversion sector, a relationship which entails the active and continuous development of our products. Thus, GASITALY Srl’s conversion systems are the result of this relationship, of this incessant struggle for success, combining the forefront technological development
in the sector with the satisfaction of every customer’s needs and expectations.

GASITALY Srl is proud to continuously provide the most up-to-date innovative solutions to both conversion centers and OEMs around the world, and this strong determination is set to endure. From its catalogue, one can realize how remarkable is the variety of conversion systems offered by GASITALY Srl, and all of them state-of-the-art, abiding the international norms R110, R67-01 and ISO 15500, and respecting even the most recent European safety and environmental regulations.



Efficient, safe, reliable, but also dynamic, innovative, dedicated, GASITALY Srl and its team are well mirrored in the top Italian quality standard of all the components and all the assistance offered worldwide. The most innovative alternativeenergy conversion systems, the most attentive worldwide assistance and the most cost effective solution, all bear the same name worldwide: GASITALY Srl.












 Gasitaly Cyprus 


Gasitaly SRL after of an agreement with Gasitaly Cyprus, Gasitaly Cyprus is the official and exclusive distributor of Gasitaly SRL. Gasitaly Cyprus has already proceeded with the training of our mechanical engineers and our official installers. We have already converted many cars with Gasitaly systems since the company has been converting vehicles for over 5 years now, from our different company activities abroad.

Our well trained personnel is ready to assist you, either you are an installer, a customer or even a distributor of us.

As a company, our philosophy is to offer the best quality of car conversions and car convertion kits at the most competitive prices, the same time keeping the quality and safety of every customer of us at the highest standards.

Gasitaly Cyprus keeps a big variety of LPG conversion kits, in stock for any kind of car, size engine, number of cylinders or type of injection.

Our well qualified engineers are here to guide you for the best LPG kit that suits your car. Your safety and convenience is our first priority and secondly, the satisfaction that Gasitaly system will offer you.