GASITALY CNG SGI conversion systems are fully compatible with all the types of sequential injection engines.
The adoption of sequential gas injection for petrol engines has various advantages:


  • optimal fuel dosage achieving mixtures with the correct stoichiometric ratio
  • excellent fuel consumption
  • reduced pollutant emissions
  • improved performance


To convert an injection engine from petrol to CNG, it is necessary to use an electronic control unit (ECU) alongside the original petrol ECU, the gas injectors, the CNG gas regulator, the gas filter, the manometer and other components. These are the five main components of a CNG conversion system and form the GASITALY CNG SGI MINI KIT, which is the core of our FULL KITS.



The above pictures are just indicative

Available kits configurations are named according to the ECU sets chosen: F1 - F3 - F5.

In order to complete the GASITALY CNG SGI FULL KIT conversion system, it is only needed to add an CNG tank and your retrofit will be fully equipped. GASITALY also offers a wide range of GASITALY CNG TANKS.