LPG - Liquefied Petroleum Gas For Vehicles


  • LPG is at gaseous state at atmospheric pressure (1 bar), and becomes liquid when subjected to a high pressure of about 4 bar


  • LPG is advantageously used not only for home heating, but also for feeding petrol cars by simply converting the engine. All gasoline-powered cars can be easily adapted to dual fuel petrol / LPG (carburetor, fuel injection, turbo, catalyzed).


  • In the automotive field, LPG is the ideal solution because of its safety, savings, performance, and extensive network of fuel supply.


  • His success in the automotive field is due to its natural physical-chemical properties, ideal for giving the car excellent performance in terms of power, flexibility, good engine functionability, greatly reducing emissions.


  • The high technology reached gives the LPG powered systems maximum reliability and safety in all conditions of use. This reason, combined with the low cost of supply and very little emissions compared to gasoline and diesel fuel has made the LPG more ecological alternative chosen in many European countries and worldwide (Italy, Austria, France, Holland, USA, Japan , ...) to power public transport such as buses, taxis and school buses.


Check how its use has been progressing in Europe, including the especially remarkable case of Italy.