CNG – Compressed Natural Gas For Vehicles


  • CNG is a fossil fuel that can replace other fuels such as regular petrol or diesel. It is compressed & dispensed to vehicles at a high pressure of 200 bar to enhance the vehicle on board storage capacity. Any vehicle can be converted. 


  • Although being a fossil fuel, it does not contain the same harmful compounds found in other fossil fuels. CNG has a negligible sulfur dioxide content, does not contain lead, has a low nitrogen dioxide content, a low particulate content, and a low carbon monoxide content. As well, CNG does not require carcinogenic (cancer-causing) additives to boost octane levels because natural gas is naturally high in octane.


  • CNG is extremely safe. It has a high ignition temperature of 650° C, compared to gasoline of 315° C, and only a narrow range of flammability, when it is 5% to 15% of air. The high ignition temperature and limited flammability range reduce the chances of accidental ignition. Furthermore, it is non-toxic and lighter than air,which makes it disperse quickly, unlike other fuels such as diesel, petrol or LPG, which are heavier than air, and may pools on the ground creating a fire hazard and potential pollution to waterways. And CNG Fuel storage cylinders are much, much stronger than petrol tanks, as they are designed to withstand a number of "severe abuse" tests such as heat and pressure extremes, gunfire, collisions and fire. The systems are also fitted with valves and other safety devices to prevent leakage and eliminate the risk

  •  CNG is produced worldwide and is substantially more economical and eco-friendly than the conventional liquid auto fuels. Natural gas vehicles show both enormous savings when compared to petrol and an average reduction in ozone-forming emissions of 80 percent compared to gasoline vehicles.

  • It is also more economical on the maintenance side, as engine maintenance cost can be reduced by extending time between oil changes. The particulate materials that are produced during the combustion cycle cause engine oil to get dirty are not present in the CNG.


  • The high technology reached gives the CNG powered systems maximum reliability and safety in all conditions of use. This reason, combined with the low cost of supply and very little emissions compared to gasoline and diesel fuel has made the CNG a more ecological alternative chosen in many countries worldwide (Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, among others including a clear growth in Europe) to power public transport such as buses, taxis and school buses, as well as  taxies, passenger cars, postal vans, courier vans, Light and Heavy commercial vehicles.