GasItaly High Performance

100% guarantee for superior performance, even higher than gasoline. Extremely high performance on any car of your selection.

Thanks to the high technological improvement achieved in the LPG sector, the problems of loss of power that characterized the LPG cars years ago are over.

In more advanced systems, acceleration, speed recovery and max speed remain substantially unchanged in the transition from gasoline to LPG.

Every Gasitaly system, from the cheapest to the most expensive one, are technologically updated and in many cases technologically ahead, they make maximum use of the LPG properties as fuel. LPG has 115 octanes the time that any fuel station can only supply unleated petrol up to 100 octanes. Gasitaly takes advantage of this LPG property and in most cases offers even higher performance than unleated petrol.


Fast 1 the fastest system in the world exclussively from Gasitaly.

The research and design department of Gasitaly have worked together with specialised technicians professional tuners of big car improvement companies and their work result was the Fast 1. It is the only system in the world that can offer:

  1. Ultimate performance up to +20% from petrol, 10% torque increase, 8% horsepower improvement.
  2. Ultimate economy up to 55% profit, 10-20% less lpg consumption compared with other autogas systems.
  3. Ultimate collaboration between OBD Plug & Drive with real corrections on the fuel injection.


In the ’traditional’ kit (carburator) is observed a limited loss of power, but that does not exceed 5% compared to petrol operation. Under these conditions this loss of power is considered normal and is partially offset by a smoother delivery of torque.

Because the potential energy of LPG is less than gasoline, fuel consumption is slightly higher with LPG compared to gasoline. This increase, which varies from 3 to 15% depending on the type of car and the system chosen, it is still small compared with the savings on fuel costs.