Gasitaly Warranty1

Enjoy a carefree driving experience with a double warranty of 3 years or 120.000 Km of driving without any restrictions.


Selecting a Gasitaly gas conversion for your car, automatically you select to join without any extra cost the GI network all over Cyprus. GI network offers the ultimate driving pleasure since you do not need to worry if something happens unexpected. Either you are in Nicosia or Limassol, or Pafos or Famagousta, or Larnaka or Kyrenia, a professional technician member of the GI Network will assist you the best way in order to solve the problem and always under the quality level the GI network offers. Either the problem is on the auto gas system or any other mechanocal part of your car, the technician will guide you and help you to overpass it. 


Our three year warranty offers you the pleasure to enjoy the ultimate trouble free experience on your vechicle and the same time the peace of mind needed. Our warranty covers eery component of the system except the consumables and any damage caused to the system by anu human error. 


With Gas Italy Cyprus you will never be alone.

We are by your side.