GasItaly Eco Car1

The use of LPG endows a healthier way of living by giving 65% lesser pollution in the environment. The ability of being able finally to use LPG as a car fuel replacement, saves humanity from the environmental disasters, such as the runway greenhouse effect, generally in global warming.


The use of LPG on cars in Cyprus will assist this phaenomenon to be extinguished, because Cyprus's environmental pollution is not based mainly from the heavy industries as countries like the United States, but mostly to the reckless use of cars.


Since the phaenomenon of using cars recklessly all over the world cannot be extinguished, and since cars prices tends to go lower day by day, people buy more and more cars. The number of cars increases every single day and the need for fueling those recklesly used cars increases accordingly. The use of LPG will allow them to use their car as frequently as before with 65% less polutants coming out of their exhaust the same time the owners of those cars will be enjoying an economy of 50% since the LPG is much cheaper in Cyprus. Converting the cars burning petrol to gas, will lead to an impressive economy the same time that there will be 65% less effects to the environment.


Using a Gasitaly system, you can feel free to enjoy your long trips all around Cyprus, without being concerned neither for the money waste on petrol, or the environmental causes, since LPG burns easily without any residues in the atmospheric air like petrol.