GasItaly Save Money


From January 2015, the autogas law in Cyprus will be ready in order to start converting cars from petrol to LPG fuel.


Using LPG an LPG fueled car, automatically means saving around 45 - 55% of the money you would spend covering exactly the same amount of Km as with a petrol fueled car.

The ability of using a duo fueled vehicle offers you the benefits of travelling double the distance you would travelled with a mono fueled car, without ny refueling stops.

An LPG converted car consumes around 10% more fuel than a petrol fueled car. But the gret savings comes from the great difference at the price of the two fuels per litre.

The average price of petrol in Cyprus is 1,45 euro per litre, the same time that a litre of LPG is around 0,75 euros per litre. That means even if you consume little bit more litres of LPG than petrol, this great difference of the buying price between petrol and LPG leads to this great economy.

You can easily get your money back of your investment in converting your car in less than a year.

Money savings also occur from the servicing savings you will have by converting your car to LPG with Gasitaly Cyprus. Our network offers great discounts on the finest quality of motor oils, filters, tyres, spark plugs, specially for LPG usage, the same time that your car expenses on servicing will be at least 30% cheaper.

Our three years limited warranty that covers everything except consumables, leads to even more money savings.


Please feel free to try our onlne fuel saving calculator, that will easily show you the savings you will achieve by converting your car from petrol to LPG fueled. Also it will calculate the payback period time of your investment.